Library backup using rsync

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Backup Set using rsync

Today i learned something really neat...

Backing up new deltas between a source and a destination then copies it to a new destination.

Basically, it checks for new/updated files between source drive and drive[1], then copies  these deltas to drive[2]. This can by done on and on and on.. creating a library of backup.

## --compare-dest directory is relative to final directory path.

//Sample #1

# rsync -avru --progress --size-only --itemize-changes --compare-dest=drive[1] /path/source /path/drive[2]

//Sample #2

rsync -avru --itemize-changes --progress --compare-dest=../drive[2] --compare-dest=../drive[3] drive[1]/ drive[4]

By: Ted Simbajon

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