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Yet another renaming tool. ( Can't have too many of those!! )
[Download Here]

[Download Here]

Cut out multiple selections from a single ProRes or H264 file.
Supports preset and "2 Pop" offset for the non-frame accuerate sources

OffSpeed Batch

[Download Here]
A batchable conform tool to slow down high frame rate footage to create a slow-mo effect
supports ProRes and H.264

Sample result, shot at 60p then slowed down to 23.98

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of this footage. I downloaded this from [here]

Looking for SlowMedown? [Download Here]


A FREE copy utility tool designed for offloading data files from camera storage media to a DIT
transport/daily storage.

[Download Here]


Build-in "MultiVolume" support. Fills the destination path and queries user for a new path
when filesystem free space isnt enough for current file.

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