MediaKeep is a copy utility specifically designed to cater the demanding needs of professional film and video production/post production. MediaKeep allows you to copy camera files to two separate drives at the same time with maximum efficiency!. This is a common need in a file-based workflows and this tool ensures safe delivery of captured materials to client.

Another common use is archival MediaKeep allows you to quickly archive large volumes across several physical disks. For example, it would allow you to backup a 10TB RAID array safely across 5 to 6 separate 2TB disks. The best part is that every single disk is independently mountable since MediaKeep does not use a specialized file system. It basically copies files until the current target drive is full, then it will ask for a new target drive and does this until all the files from the source drive have all been copied to the target drives.

It has all features you've come to expect from a professional utility tool, such as resumable copy and checksums like MD5 and others. MediaKeep has been tested to work with cameras from ARRI®, Canon®, RED®, Phantom® and many more.

What users are saying about

"MediaKeep is an amazingly simple, extremely reliable solution that allows me to backup my media to two separate locations at the same time. MediaKeep helps me quickly start transferring media from the card to my backup drives, and keep on shooting. The application is simple to use and my footage is always perfectly organized."
- 7LineMedia

• On set DIT ( Data Wrangler )
• Big Data Backup/Archival
• Anyone who needs a copy utility with rich and unique features

    Delta Copying
    Only copy what the destination does not have, this is commonly known as "Resume" copy.

    Target Spanning
    Quickly archive big data volume to multiple disk. MediaKeep will automatically span content across multiple disk. Each disk is independently mountable with no special
    file system. At execution, MediaKeep will copy data to the target disk until it's full, then queries the user to load another disk before it continues.

    Multiple Destination
    Copy from a single source to 1 or 2 destination at the same time. Ideal for redundancy, specially for those with
    very valuable datas.

    Customizable comparative algorithm
    MediaKeep offers multiple option for comparing files.
    • File Size - Compares files down to the byte size level
    • MD5 - Every single file in a computer file system has a digital footprint and with the use of MD5 algorithm, MediaKeep generate a
      hash code for both source file and destination file and compares them. This uses CPU to do math calculation so expect an increase of CPU usage.
    • Content - This option is for the paranoids. If a file exist on the destination, it will compare file size if they are the same, it will compare
      metadata information ( Data of creation, data of modification.. etc ) if they are the same, then it will compare the file block by block ( Down to the zeros and ones ).

Usage for:
  • On set DIT ( Data Wrangler )
  • Big Data Backup/Archival
  • Anyone who needs a copy utility with rich and unique features
Recorded using version 2.0.2
Note: _primary_ folder is connected via eSATA while _secondary_ is connected via FireWire 800 illustrating write speed management.

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Will this be compatible with the newly announced OS, OSX Yosemite?
> Yes it will! MediaKeep is written in native Cocoa framework.

Can i resume an interrupted copy?
> Yes! MediaKeep will compare each file and determine if a copy is required. You can configure how MediaKeep does it
via the Preference pane ( See Fig. 3 )

If a file got overwritten by MediaKeep are they completely gone?
> By default yes, but you can set it so that MediaKeep will move the file into the "trash" for you to review later ( See Fig. 3 )

When copying to multiple destination, does it have to be identical drives?
> Doesn't have to.

Can i drag and drop directory into the source or destination path?
> Absolutely! you can drag and drop folder or devices to setup source or destination location.

Change Logs


  • Code overhauled in Swift
  • Global increase in performance
  • Code refactoring to increase efficiency
  • User Interface refresh
  • Added Feature: File type exclusion
  • Modified Feature: Target spanning only available in single disk mode
  • Retired Feature: Date Range
  • Known Issues:

  • Slow when copying large amount of small sized file (DPX, ARRI RAW, Lightroom images.. etc ) - This has been fixed.

  • v2.5.31

    • New UI arrangements.
    • New UI elements.
    • Copy based on date creation.
    • Adjustable Block size ( 1024 ~ 10240 )
    • CoreData



      • Copy based on creation and modification date.
      • Bookmark last executed paths.
      • Removed: startup version check.
      • Bug: Log files fails to generate on multiple target copy - This has been fixed.
      • Bug: On a destination spanning copy, when a user select the same "filled disk" as a new destination, the software will copy 1 file and fails before it ask the user for valid "next" target - This has been fixed.
    • Initial Public Release